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Who Rides A Pedelec

Who Rides a Pedelec?

People who try a pedelec bicycle quickly realize it allows them to ride more, mostly because it makes cycling easier and more comfortable. It requires about the same amount of effort whether riding on flat, hilly and even mountainous roads, windy or calm conditions, to cover longer distances and to carry heavier loads, all without sweating or getting exhausted.

The Commuter

People who want to ride to work and not show up with sweaty armpits and backs are the driving force behind the growing pedelec market. Urban transportation studies have shown that on trips of 10 kilometres or shorter on a bicycle at rush hour can actually be a faster mode of transportation and a lot cheaper to operate. They are for people who want to move about an urban environment faster and with less effort.

Those Who Hate Climbing

There aren’t many people who like riding a bicycle uphill as much as downhill. It’s the reason why there are such things as shuttles and lifts at gravity parks. Imagine though being able to save your energy on a climb by shifting your pedelec into climbing mode. Powering up the hill and never breaking a sweat.

The Slow Poke

Many a marriage has been strained by a couple trying to ride together. Inevitably one of the two is faster and ends up riding ahead while the other lags behind. For both, the frustration level climbs with each passing kilometer. Add a power assisted bicycle to the mix and the playing field is instantly leveled.

The Couch Potato

Technological progress, in industrialized societies, has lead to sedentary life styles. The consequences are lack of exercise, which leads to muscular degeneration and an increase in cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Don’t think that you won’t get any exercise buzzing around on your pedelec. You’re repaid for pedaling with improved health and longer battery life. Plus, it feels great to pedal when it’s so easy, so most riders actually pedal a lot, about 3 times more than regular bicycle riders. And remember, low impact endurance exercise (30 to 45 minutes, three times a week) can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease by 50%. This means that a relatively modest outlay in time is sufficient to make life-changing improvements to your health. For this, pedelecs open up a whole new dimension, making the activity fun rather than a chore.


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