Warranty Terms & Conditions

GoPedelec Inc – Warranty Terms and Conditions


This warranty is designed to cover both our epowered and non-epowered bicycles purchased directly from GoPedelec Inc, either via our website, via email, telephone order or at one of our test drive events. If a GoPedelec Inc. product has been purchased through an authorized reseller, the warranty may be different, please contact your reseller to check the details of their warranty. This warranty does not cover any defects if you have purchased a GoPedelec Inc product from an unauthorized reseller or second hand.

We can only offer warranty to customers who can present valid proof of purchase and date of purchase.

This warranty is not transferable.

These warranty conditions are applicable for manufacturing defects. The different periods of the warranty are described below. This warranty does not include normal wear and tear items which are highlighted later in this document.

The following parts are included under warranty:

Warranty Terms:

  • 2 year on Bosch Lithium-Ion battery
  • 2 year on Bosch electric motor system controls including pedal sensor, LCD display and brake override switches
  • 1 year on optional extra electric system parts when fitted. Includes horn, light fittings (excludes bulbs) and switches.
  • 2 year for Bosch Lithium battery charger
  • Lifetime on Gepida frame for manufacturing defects.
  • 2 years on ‘non wear and tear items’
  • The warranty period starts on the day of delivery;
  • The warranty is personal and not transferable;
  • GoPedelec Inc reserves the right to decide the cause of any warranty claim items and its judgement is binding.


Items defined as wear and tear items are excluded from warranty

  • Tires
  • Inner tubes
  • Valves
  • Wheels
  • Brake pads
  • Handlebar grips
  • Batteries for light sets
  • Bulbs for optional extra ‘12 V lighting set’
  • Chain


Damage caused during transport is not covered by this warranty.

Please note that your warranty is voided, if;

  • the defects are caused by ‘improper use’ or inadequate maintenance as deemed by GoPedelec Inc or an authorized reseller;

‘improper use’ is defined as;

  • riding directly up and down curbs;
  • side impact against curbs;
  • loading of the bike above the maximum load limit;
  • repairs carried out by non-authorized personnel or modifications to the product, as well as replacement of parts of the product not acknowledged or overseen by GoPedelec Inc.
  • If non-standard parts are used in the repair of the bicycle (unless approved by GoPedelec);
  • In case of damage, arising from exceeding the design speed of the bicycle or use as not intended (e.g. racing) ;
  • In case of damage, arising as a result of an impact caused in an accident or malicious damage.

Instances where no warranty is present:

  • If the standard components on the delivered bicycle have been upgraded, modified or removed;
  • If the bicycle is used for any commercial application such as renting, marketing or other like applications.

Replacement of parts:

  • GoPedelec offers a ‘back to base’ warranty. This means that the bicycle can be returned to us or our authorized reseller at the owners expense and parts will be replaced free of charge. Should the cycle not be able to be returned to us or an authorized reseller then the parts will be sent to a cycle store that is local to you or to you directly if GoPedelec decides that you are technically proficient to fit the parts.
  • GoPedelec does not cover the costs of any third party commissioned to perform parts replacement where the back to base warranty is not observed.
  • Any such warranty return of cycles or parts must first be approved in writing by GoPedelec Ltd. Any parts or complete bicycles that are returned to us without prior consent will be returned to the customer at their expense.

Abuse of Warranty:

GoPedelec Inc reserves the right to determine if its warranty is being abused by customers. Abuse of the guarantee could lead to GoPedelec Inc issuing a declaration of expense for costs incurred to the customer.

Warranty claim procedure:

If you wish to make a warranty claim please contact GoPedelec Inc or your authorized reseller;

GoPedelec Inc service department can be contacted via email or by post, please ensure that you have your model number and your invoice number;

Contact details;

Or by post to GoPedelec Inc, 3619 Harwood Rd., Baltimore, Ontario, Canada K0K 1C0

If the service department cannot identify or fix the issue with the customer’s assistance, the customer will be asked to either send the part or bicycle to us or to an authorized reseller or local cycle store. GoPedelec Inc reserves the right to decide the suitability of an external third party to implement any parts replacements or repairs. Should a third party be deemed not suitable GoPedelec Inc will to its best endeavours recommend a third party that is suitable.

Important notice to prevent warranty claims and potential injury.

GoPedelec Inc products are pedal bicycles and as a result need the same level of regular and knowledgeable maintenance that any other bicycle needs. Failure to perform regular checks and maintenance to the bicycle could result in the bicycle becoming unsafe to ride. It is essential that before riding the user checks that all of the brakes work effectively and the bicycle does not pull to the left or right. Tires must also be kept inflated to the pressure as indicated on the side of the tire – this must be done with a proper tire pressure gauge or a pump with a tire pressure gauge built in.

If you are not proficient or confident in cycle maintenance it is strongly advised that you submit your bicycle for a check at a local cycle store once every three months or whenever it fails to stop in good time when the brakes are applied or if any other unusual performance defects arise.

If you are technically proficient, regularly check the brakes and gears and if necessary adjust them in accordance with the user manual.