"Ordinary People, Wearing Ordinary Clothes, Riding Extraordinary Bicycles"

Pedelec’s differ in design from performance bikes. Performance bikes are designed to extract as much human power available and convert it into mechanical energy while trying to minimize wind resistance and reduce weight. As a result you have featherlight frames and skinny wheels (that bend when you strike a pothole), shoes that lock you to your pedals, racing style helmets streamlined and full of holes to evaporate the sweat that is pouring off your head, skin tight spandex clothing (that reveals all) and a slouched over riding position to help you slice through the wind (which provides a nice pain in your neck) and a seat so small and slippery that it… well you know, gives you a pain in the butt.

At GoPedelec we are aiming to change all that and make riding a bike fun again.

There isn’t a better way to really get to know your neighbourhood or city than on a bicycle. Ride straight instead of taking the usual turn and it’s a good bet you’ll find a view you’ve never seen, a street you’ve never heard of, or maybe a taco joint you’ve never eaten at. A bike lets you be both a tourist and a seasoned local, sometimes on the same ride, and we think that’s pretty damn cool.


In fact, the only thing we don’t love about riding a bike is bike clothes. Don’t get us wrong, we appreciate the roadie who clocks 200 miles a week, and we understand that the clothes they wear serve a very specific purpose, to help them perform their best on a ride. And that’s really the issue, typically clothes that perform well on a long road ride look like they’re made to do just that. Which means if you’re wearing bike clothes, you can’t just hop off your ride and stroll into the grocery store or a work meeting.

At GoPedelec, we don’t think you should have to change what you wear simply because you choose to ride your bicycle. Our mission is to provide functional epower assisted bicycles that don’t require any special clothing to enjoy riding. So you won’t have to wear any Lycra bibs, or gear heavily emblazoned with European bank logos. Every piece of clothing you wear should be equally at home on the seat of your bicycle as it is on a bar stool at your local haunt. When in-climate conditions confront you, wear the clothes that keep you dry and visible on a rainy or snowy commute.

Our goal is to get more people out on bicycles on a regular basis. In addition to selling pedelecs that serve this purpose, our goal is to be an active advocate for the growth of cycling in the places we live and ride.