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Who Rides A Pedelec

Who Rides a Pedelec?

People who try a pedelec bicycle quickly realize it allows them to ride more, mostly because it makes cycling easier and more comfortable. It requires about the same amount of effort whether riding on flat, hilly and even mountainous roads, windy or calm conditions, to cover longer distances and to carry heavier loads, all without sweating or getting exhausted. (more…)


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Why a Pedelec

Why ride a peddle assist bike?

One Extraordinary Bike, Many Reasons

Save Time – Commuters lose about 70 hours per person per year sitting in traffic going nowhere. Let’s go farther.

Save Money – A daily car commute costs more than $9,000 a year in gas and maintenance vs $300 for a pedelec bike. Let’s enjoy more.  (more…)


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What is a “pedelec”

Pedelec is an acronym that stands for “Pedal Electric”

Pedelec bicycles are equipped with an electric motor which is only activated when you are actually pedaling – in other words, the electric power only assists the human power instead of replacing it (as with an e-bike, which has a throttle). In Canada, to be considered a power assisted bicycle, legislation requires the assistance to stop when (more…)


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One Size Does Not Fit All

Selecting the right size frame

These tables provide a guideline for selecting of bicycle frame sizes for your height and inseam. Ultimately you need to sit on the bike and adjust the saddle and handlebars for the correct fit and comfort. The saddle should be set to a height from which you can reach the pedal in its lowest position with your heel. Then check whether your toes reach to the ground when you are sitting on the saddle. (more…)