While on a trip to Europe we had the opportunity to experience riding pedelec bikes. The terminology is not well known in North America, “PEDELEC” is an acronym for “Pedal Electric”. It is a epower assisted bicycle that has to be pedalled to engage the power assistance (they have no throttle like e-bikes). They look much like a regular bicycle with a larger rear hub or bottom bracket which houses an electric motor that “amplifies” the riders effort. Once we rode them, we realized the Canadian market was missing out on how the improved pedelec technology is able to enhance a persons physical abilities and thereby their enjoyment of riding a bike. The feeling can best be described as always riding with the wind at your back.

We are aiming to make riding a bike fun again. Bikes for ordinary folks, that can be used everyday for transportation or recreation, that are easy to handle and comfortable to ride. We ride upright, on a comfortable seat, wearing helmets that are fashionable, with any clothes we like, flapping in the wind. We never break a sweat, enjoying a less expensive mode of transportation and it contributes to improved health as we do it. It’s no wonder that studies have shown people who own pedelecs ride them 2 to 3 times more than folks with ordinary bicycles.

At GoPedelec we are revolutionizing the way a bicycle is used, purchased and serviced. Good quality pedelecs are not cheap and we want your investment to pay off in the long run. From the moment you enter one of our ride centres you will find a unpretentious, comfortable atmosphere in which to make our products, hassle free. Our friendly, knowledgeable technicians won’t try to boggle your mind with industry jargon, our goal is to get you on a bicycle that is comfortable for you to use and fits your needs.

All of our quality pedelecs are built and imported from Europe (not China), come with a 2 year warranty and a full service schedule to ensure you get many years enjoyment from your pedelec. We have a qualified service network to maintain or accessorize your ride. All of our parts and accessories are specifically selected for rigorous use on pedelecs. Our goal is to create a customer buying experience that is unique to epower assisted bikes.

No licence, no insurance, fuel at pennies for every hour ridden, reducing your carbon footprint and easing traffic congestion, what could be better than that! All you need to do is strap on a helmet and enjoy the ride.

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